"Thank you for this awesome voting process. Every aspect worked well and made voting easy. Great membership perk."

"You have made it easy to vote but difficult to choose from the well qualified candidates."

"New: From an election administrator: This election is the easiest thing I have ever done! "

"New: Great website, painless voting process, particularly the ability to call up candidate bios and return to ballot without hassle. Many thanks. "

"New: I especially appreciate the ease with which biographical information about the candidates is made available. Keep up the good work! "

"New: I like that we can check off our choices as we read the biographies, rather than having to return the the ballot itself. Thanks. "


"Excellent ballot and user friendly information. Love having the photos next to the name of the individuals."

"New: Easily done. Thanks for setting this up to save expense. "

"New: Great to see electronic on line voting. Simple, easy and cost effective. "

"New: I am so glad you offer electronic voting. It is so much easier for those of us that travel frequently and want to participate but may not be here in person when it is time to vote. "

"New: I have seen other online voting schemas and I must admit that I think yours was best. Easy to see info on candidates in other open window while ballot window was open and giving opportunity to change or 'edit' ballot before final submission were pluses. Well done! "

"New: I liked the format of the voting web site: having the biographies, letting me know I only voted for 1 person in the last section in the review page and easily being able to go back and vote for a second. "

"New: Much better way to do this. I wouldn't have voted and haven't in the past because it was such an old fashioned way to do this. Thanks for keeping up with the times! "

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