"Great job incorporating candidate statements into ballot instead of separate page. Best online balloting so far."

"Thanks for doing this online. . . . So much easier & it saves trees!!"

"New: Outstanding voting process. Structured, organized, and customer friendly. Thank you."

"Voting process was very easy to navigate. It was easy to review candidates Bios then switch to the voting page to vote. The program has an excellent design."

"Easier than getting volunteers getting paper-cuts sorting mailed in ballots."

"Thank you for making this voting process easy and straightforward. I appreciate that I can log in, view the biographies, and vote all within the same window/session."

"Very professional and clean process, from the bios to the vote, link to bylaws, etc. Thank you."

"Bravo et merci pour un système performant, facile d`emploi et d`accès: le mode de l`avenir sans nul doute."

"The electron ballot is fantastic. Allows for a one click review of the candidates biography then back to the ballot. The best electronic balloting system that I have used. Well done!"

"This year`s electronic ballot was the best system I`ve seen for the annual elections. Thanks to whoever set it up!"

"I wish elections for local and national government were done this way! Eliminate the attack adds and make voters read biographies and mission statements."

"Great voting system! It worked perfectly on my iPad."

"Really like electronic voting. Think of the money it saves by not having to mail in ballots."

"New: This was a very efficient and useful way to conduct an election. I particularly appreciated having the bios so easily available on the ballot page."

"Well done! This was a breeze."

"Finally- a well done ballot"

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