"New: I participate in organization board elections for 4 different organizations. This is the best on line election experience. Good job on linking candidate info and making the evaluation process a easy one."

"Good voting setup- I wish other organizations /institutions had on-line voting this friendly."

"Very well organized & easy to use, e.g., no need to remember ID & PW"

"This is a very comprehenive ballot format that ensures that the voters are fully informed about the qualifications and viepoints of the candidates. I highly commend the elections committee for all their hard work in developing this most effective format. If only elections in the public sector were conducted in this manner, we might not be in the political state we find ourselves today..."

"Although I usually prefer paper ballots, this was a very friendly user online process. Excellent!"

"Outstanding voting software, making it very easy to vote. Love being able to review CV while in the voting process. Thanks, and well done."

"New: Our board did a great job to design such a convenience vote site. Thanks for all your efforts."

"Wonderful, efficient e-ballot system- thanks for making it so easy and informative!"

"New: Thank you for offering this method of voting. It was the easiest ever in my 40+ years as a member."

"This was the easiest voting process I have ever been involved with. Thank-You."

"New: My experience with online ballots has been spotty when using a tablet, but this one was very straightforward and simple to complete. Thank you."

"New: Love the ease and greenness of electronic ballots."

"Great way to vote for the candidates. I like the efficent approach."

"New: This has been incredibly easy to view all the candidate statements and other items on which we vote, then return to the ballot to actually vote. Thank you!"

"Good Job - This was about the most efficient web site I have ever used."

"Very well-planned and implemented voting process, with easy access to candidate info. and convenient voting procedure, e.g. not requiring finding that forgettable membership ID number. A nice feature I hadn`t seen on any other website was that the `submit ballot` button disappeared immediately after voting and while waiting for the vote to be processed, thus preventing inadvertently clicking on that button again."

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