"Thank you for using e-ballots. Paper ballots are inefficient."

"Love this new system! No multi-envelope paper-wasting projects."

"New: I was impressed this was such a user-friendly voting process. It was actually a pleasure to vote! Thanks!"

"Great ballot system, I wish other societies adopted such a straightforward mechanism!"

"This is an easy and efficient way to vote. I particularly like the fact that my identity is coded and that I do not have to log on with my number, etc. easy to access on the iPad."

"New: Wow, I thought that this was an incredibly easy way to vote ! Easy to follow, fast, and convenient."

"It was an easy process. I tend to put my paper ballots to the side, then they get buried on my desk, til it`s too late."

"Love this way of doing the election by electronic means, less paper, less postage, less time, less of a chance to lose the ballot."

"New: I found the electronic ballot system (including access to candidate bios) very easy to use. Thanks!"

"Thank you for making this voting process so user friendly, I really appreciate the efforts."

"New: I thought this was a very effective and simple means of understanding more about the candidates and casting my vote. Great use of technology. Thank You"

"This is a great system for international members and for lowering the cost."

"Merci, c`est clair, precis et facile."

"Congratulations on assembling a very easy, minimal time, no-hassle voting process ! Thank you."

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