"My comment is to the actual online `voting process`, which is FANTASTIC for those out of state property owners as myself. MUCH APPRECIATED! Thank you to the board for investing so much time & effort on behalf of all property owners."

"So easy a caveman can do it!"

"Great way you are doing this. Very democratic and confidential."

"Your voting process is extraordinary -- very easy to use. Thanks!"

"Thank you for a simple fast way to vote!!!"

"This was a very green, easy way to vote. Thank you!"

"Whoever designed this on-line balloting website and presentation strategy for the ballots and Biographical information should get a medal for exceptional excellence in clarity, simplicity and user-friendly website design. This was completely painless. I cannot imagine anyone being frustrated trying to cast a ballot on-line this year, or leaving the experience of doing so ever wanting to cast a ballot by paper/US mail again. Absolutely Brilliant!"

"Congratulations to all people who made this electronic ballot system a real thing. It is so easy to use that for sure, my vote will be counted every year. Thank you!"

"It is hard to properly deface an electronic ballot!"

"I like this online voting software. Clean and easy to read and navigate. I like the idea of reduced mailing and paper costs. Thank you."

"This is one of the most efficient on-line voting systems, I`ve seen. Congratulations , with hope that it will increase the turnout among members a little bit."

"This is just a slick way to run elections. One of the few times I actually enjoy technology."

"Great format was nice to review the changes quickly and easily .. I so appreciate all those who are taking leadership roles for our organization my sincere thanks."

"Fantastic website. One of the best examples I have ever seen of efficient, intuitive and informative websites. Ever."

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